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Emi Evans – the artist behind Dark Souls and Nier: Automata – to sing on the My Brother Rabbit score

Katowice, September 18th – Artifex Mundi announces their collaboration with Emi Evans, the popular singer and songwriter known for her work on Nier: Automata and the Dark Souls series. Together with Artifex Mundi’s composer, Arkadiusz Reikowski, they’ve created a memorable song called “Dreams” for My Brother Rabbit. Recently, the duo met in London to recap the project and record a brief documentary about the experience. As part of the official game score, Emi’s song is available for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube, soon on Spotify and iTunes.

My Brother Rabbit is the upcoming puzzle adventure game set in the world of children’s imagination that will be released on September 21st. When a young girl becomes ill, her brother helps her get through the harsh times by invoking a fantastic universe filled with bizarre objects and wonderful creatures. The young siblings are a part of this world, becoming a Rabbit and a flower. Together they embark on a quest of healing and self-discovery. Being a game made almost entirely without using words, My Brother Rabbit communicates with players via the universal language of art and music.

“Because there are no voiceovers in the game, we knew from the very beginning of the project that the audio and music is going to be of the utmost importance, practically a separate layer of the game world,” says Arkadiusz Reikowski, Artifex Mundi’s composer responsible for creating the entire sound experience of My Brother Rabbit. “One of the greatest highlights of the score is the performance of a very famous singer, and my friend, Emi Evans.”

He knows what he’s talking about too, being a seasoned composer with many projects under his belt – notably Layers of Fear, Seven: Days Long Gone, Kholat, and >Observer_. His past experiences and collaborations within the world of game music was also the reason why he crossed paths with singer and songwriter Emi Evans (full name Emiko Rebecca Evans) who stormed her way into the hearts and minds of gamers by creating memorable songs for such titles as Ace Combat, Nier: Automata, and the Dark Souls series.

Emi comes from a British-Japanese family and, apart for the rich cultural heritage, music was the driving force her in her life from the very early days. When she started playing cello at the age of 8, and then at 16 was scouted by a Japanese producer for her songwriting and singing, her life direction and career were set. She travelled to Japan at the age of 18 to study and make music, but for her, Japanese Pop was too schematic and uniform, missing the unique spark shared by her biggest idols: Massive Attack, Bjork, Portishead, and Tori Amos, to name just a few. Staying true to her influences, Emi began to collaborate with the arranger Hiroyuki Muneta, who was not afraid to push the boundaries of music. Eventually, Emi was recognized but it was the video game world that brought her to true success with Dark Souls and Nier: Automata, with which she made a name for herself among the gaming audience that had never heard of her until then.

“When I read the story about My Brother Rabbit it really connected with me. I spent lots of my childhood making up imaginary games,” says Emi, “and the piece composed by Arkadiusz is really haunting, but also simple in the most wonderful way possible.” This intuitive connection eventually translated into the song “Dreams” that Emi and Arkadiusz collaborated on for My Brother Rabbit.

Emi’s trademark became creating her own imaginary languages, mixing words and accents from different parts of the world to find the one unique and unforgettable voice that would lend itself to the game’s lore and atmosphere. My Brother Rabbit, a game without verbal communication, was a perfect opportunity for Emi to use her skills. Collaborating with Reikowski on the song Dreams, she wrote and performed the lyrics based on several languages including Norwegian and bits of Sumerian.

“For My Brother Rabbit, I wanted to use a language that had died out as well,” says Emi. “If I’m making different sounds that my mouth is not really used to making, I find other parts of my brain start buzzing and that is also part of my inspiration”.

Last month, Arkadiusz travelled to London to meet Emi and recap the project that was captured in the documentary, which you can watch on Youtube.

My Brother Rabbit launches on the September 21st on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The song Dreams is available for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube, soon on Spotify and iTunes.