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About us

Artifex Mundi is Latin for “the artist of the world,” and we do our best to stay true to this name. We are a video game developer and publisher. So far, we’ve mostly been known for Hidden Object (HO or HOPA) games, of which we have sold over 10 million copies. At the moment, we are committing ourselves to developing F2P mobile games in the two genres that we know best: HO and RPG. We’ve already achieved a certain degree of success in this field, and we’re definitely not done yet!

Our history

We’ve been creating games for 16 years now. We started off as a group of friends from college who took on some small jobs. Gradually, we managed to gain creative independence. We developed a strong passion for HO games and built our whole company around this genre. Our Enigmatis, Grim Legends, and Nightmares from the Deep series won over the hearts of adventure game fans and attracted a loyal gaming community to our brand. However, we didn’t want to stop being creative, so we began experimenting with new game genres. During this time of search, we learned many valuable lessons, and the experience that we gained is starting to show results on the new path that we chose back in 2020.

18 years of passion and experience

looking for a new path

Tomasz Grudziński starts AM
along with eight friends
Work for hire:
Contract jobs

success in the HO genre

We begin our
HO genre journey
We start working on Bladebound,
our first RPG
We publish Enigmatis 2
We hold our first amJam
We publish Enigmatis 1
We begin publishing HO games
We publish our first Xbox One game

looking for a new identity

We publish Enigmatis 3,
our last HO game
IPO: AM enters
Warsaw Stock Exchange
We publish our first
Nintendo Switch game
We work on game prototypes
in new genres
We publish our first
PlayStation 4 game
We publish Bladebound
We experiment with
various game genres

mobile F2P

The soft launch of Unsolved, an F2P app,
which monetizes our HO games
We focus on F2Ps
in two genres: HO and RPG
We begin working
on a new RPG
We start regular
UA campaigns in Unsolved

Artifex Mundi today

At the moment, Artifex Mundi has almost 100 enthusiasts of game development. We create in two studios: Hidden Object and RPG. Even though we work independently, we share the same values and creative passion. Both studios have the same goal: to provide players with immersive entertainment of the highest quality for years to come.