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Highest revenues in AM’s history


In 2020, we recorded the highest revenues in the history of our company: PLN 25.7 million (+54% YoY). How did we manage to achieve that?

The key factor was our strategy. While designing it, we were relying on experience, but also watching the market, verifying our competition’s actions, and adopting the best solutions. The new circumstances that arose during the pandemic magnified the effects of our more aggressive pricing policy and the constant expansion of our distribution channels. At the same time, we gave ourselves time and allowed ourselves to make mistakes, says Przemysław Błaszczyk, CEO of Artifex Mundi.

The pandemic enabled us to use our hidden reserves. First of all, we updated our pricing policy and offered larger discounts, which translated into a higher usage rate of our games. Second of all, we expanded the portfolio of our console games, which let us triple the revenues from that segment.

Third of all, while looking for new ways to monetize our existing products, we released Unsolved, an application that combines some of our Hidden Object games. Unsolved offers players time-limited gameplay based on usable energy, which is slightly renewed every day and can be purchased in the application.

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Artifex Mundi achieves higher revenues and recurring profits

In the 1st quarter, the game publisher earned revenues of PLN 15.9 million, 44% more than the year before.