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Unsolved is not slowing down


In October this year, the publicly listed game developer and publisher earned revenues of nearly PLN 8.2 million, 148% more than the year before. Last month, Artifex Mundi’s key product, their game Unsolved, generated a record-breaking revenue of PLN 7.3 million – PLN 0.2 million more than in September 2023 and nearly PLN 5.3 million more than in October 2022.

The revenues from the whole free-to-play segment in October this year amounted to almost PLN 7.4 million, compared to PLN 2.2 million in the previous year. Artifex Mundi’s remaining business operation – the commercialization of premium games (including HOPA) generated revenues of PLN 0.8 million in October, compared to PLN 1.1 million in the previous year.

For Unsolved, last month was record-breaking not only in terms of the revenues earned but also due to the first margin (revenues reduced by player acquisition costs). Unsolved’s first margin, which provides players with free-to-play access to some of the best HOPA games available in the Artifex Mundi’s portfolio, amounted to PLN 3.4 million in September, with PLN 3.9 million player acquisition costs.

After 10 months of 2023, Artifex Mundi’s revenues amounted to PLN 67.3 million – over twice as much as in the corresponding period in 2022. The revenues reduced by player acquisition costs in the 10 months of the current year amounted to PLN 32.2 million, compared to PLN 21.9 million in the January-October period of 2022.

“We are on track to make the already incredibly profitable year of 2023 even better thanks to a high increase in revenues and margins in the last quarter. We have the potential to end the 4th quarter with a record-breaking first margin, which will considerably increase Artifex Mundi’s equity capital,” says Przemysław Błaszczyk, President of Artifex Mundi.