Artifex Mundi
Experience a gothic horror adventure!

Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child, the new title from Artifex Mundi and World-LooM Games, takes fans of hidden-object games on a new, spine-tingling paranormal journey. You are tasked with finding your missing father and investigating a dark, creepy Victorian mansion. But that is just the beginning of the thrilling adventure that starts June 8, 2017.

Scarlett Everitt was born with a gift for the paranormal – she is able to see the ghosts and spirits that accompany her every step. Terrified and desperate to protect her from the encroaching darkness, her father Johnathan decides to place her in an orphanage run by nuns. Years later, when Scarlett returns to find her father, she discovers clues that lead her to the Victorian mansion of the mysterious Baronet Steameyer. Scarlett hopes to find her father, but using her psychic abilities will also allow her to see the past. The huge house turns out to be hiding terrifying secrets and mysteries of its own. What connects the heroine to the Steameyer family, and what dramatic fate befell the mysterious heiress to their fortune? Help Scarlett learn the truth!

The game contains 29 hand-painted gothic locations and 36 smartly crafted puzzles, minigames, and hidden-object puzzles with 13 achievements that you can claim by completing certain tasks in the game. The new adventure title will be available on Steam, Windows, iOS, Mac, Amazon, and Google Play.