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1. Can I record a gameplay of one of your games?

Yes, feel free to record and monetize your videos. You can always send us the link to your videos through of Facebook page or contact@artifexmundi.com


2. I’m having problems with my game. How can I contact you?

Please contact us at help@artifexmundi.com. Remember to provide us with the title of the game, the platform you’re playing on and as many details as possible, also screenshots.


3. I have an idea for a game. Can I send it to you?

We’re grateful for all your ideas, but it’s impossible for us to accept outside submissions. To discuss general ideas we invite you to our forum, https://forum.artifexmundi.com/


4. We’re an outside studio and we would like to work with you. How can we contact you?

Please write to contact@artifexmundi.com


5. Are you looking for people to work?

We are always looking. To see our current job openings go to https://www.artifexmundi.com/career/.


6. Will Artifex Mundi continue to publish HOPA games?

Without a doubt Artifex Mundi will continue to publish hidden object games. Please visit our website and our Facebook for more information.


7. Can you tell me when certain games will show up on other platforms?

We cannot sneak peek any information, but stay tuned!


8. I’m an internet content creator and I would like to prepare a video. Can I get a review copy of your game?

Please contact us at press@artifexmundi.com