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Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond Release date: 04 December 2014 Content rate: PEGI 12 Available languages:
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Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond is a thrilling tale set in 1930s America.

The game tells the story of Dawn Harlock, an unusual red-eyed woman, who must return to her family estate on Iowa Island to investigate the mysterious death of her mentor, Professor Ashmore. It’s not long before Dawn discovers traces of horrifying experiments and has to come face to face with an ancient evil from another world.

During the investigation, our protagonist begins to suspect that someone, or something, has crossed over into our world from another dimension and that her own mysterious past plays a large role in these disturbing events.

Dawn will have to unearth the secrets lurking within a gloomy mansion, unravel the mystery of a grotesque experiment and find out what really happened all those years ago, when Professor Ashmore found her wandering aimlessly across the island.

Will Dawn’s true identity prove to be the key to defeating the ancient evil from another dimension?

  • 33 hand-drawn locations scattered throughout a mysterious island!
  • 22 varied minigames!
  • 17 engrossing scenes containing hidden objects!
  • An enthralling story that will have your imagination running wild!

The Collector’s Edition includes additional:

  • 7 additional minigames and 8 new locations!
  • Unique scenes containing hidden objects
  • 24 exciting achievements to unlock!
  • A mesmerizing score and stunning wallpapers!

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