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Gardens Inc.: From Rakes To Riches Release date: 09 June 2015 Content rate: PEGI 3 Available languages:
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Jill’s grandparents are about to lose their home the scheming millionaire Cliff Gold. The girl decides to thwart the ruthless tycoon’s plans and win the grand prize in a prestigious gardening competition being held in Sunnydale. To win, Jill will need to become the best gardener in the town. But this is easier said than done. She must efficiently allocate the resources of her newly established company, properly manage her time and the time of her employees, fight off pests, and even catch ghosts! Her path to success runs through Sunnydale’s five neighbourhoods, each holding its own unique challenges.

Becoming the best gardener in Sunnydale and saving her grandparents’ house will be no simple task. Every town has secrets. Does Jill have what it takes to rise from rakes to riches?

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