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Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Release date: 26 September 2014 Content rate: PEGI 12 Available languages:
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from 6,99$

Song of the Dark Swan is the second chapter in the Grim Legends series, immersing players in a colorful, alluring world of dangerous, secrets, dark magic, and palace intrigues. It is based on the classic tale, “The Six Swans”.

A mysterious illness has befallen the young queen of the Eagle Kingdom. A famous healer is summoned to Eagle Castle to examine her.

The protagonist is drawn into a conspiracy involving dark magic, high court intrigue, and a royal kidnapping. The healer travels to the ruined nearby Swan Kingdom to find the missing prince, and unravel the secret behind the curse.

Game features:

  • A legendary realm imagined brilliantly in 33 hand-painted locations
  • 3 fairy-tale sidekicks to help you in times of need
  • 23 challenging mini-games and 12 hidden-object scenes
  • 14 intriguing characters to meet on your journey

Collector’s Edition includes:

  • 9 additional mini-games in 9 completely new locations!
  • 4 unique hidden-object scenes!
  • An additional story told from two different perspectives!
  • 29 achievements to unlock!

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