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Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Release date: 04 November 2011 Content rate: PEGI 12 Available languages:
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The year is 1830, the dawn of the Victorian Era.  You are sitting in your little governess’ room and contemplating your orphan life in London. Someone knocks on the door. You open it and… nothing will remain like it was before.

You receive a message from an aunt you didn’t know about, from which you find out about your inheritance – a mansion in London. When you reach the place it turns out that this creepy mansion is abandoned, rundown and haunted.

Secrets stand in the way of unveiling the mystery of your inheritance and they seem never ending. You will be able to unravel them with some help from a strange object which grants you the ability to travel in time and space. That’s how the story begins, an exciting, eventful journey to places which you know from somewhere… your dreams.

Whether you want it or not, you will be involved in an ancient struggle between Merlin and Viviana–the beloved of Merlin who betrayed him in the end. There are a lot of unknown things waiting for you in between time periods – scary ghosts, curses, a broken seal, mysterious artifacts to find, and secrets to learn.

Change the course of history and reveal the mystery that has influenced your family for ages. How is it all connected with the evil witch Viviana? Will you manage to untangle all the secrets? Will Merlin ever rest in peace?

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