Artifex Mundi
Experience a grand adventure in a tiny kingdom!

Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest is the upcoming adventure game by Artifex Mundi, for mobile and Steam. On July 20th players will be transported to a magical land hidden between blades of grass, and join Max – a tiny hero with a big heart – in unravelling the secrets of the Kingdom of Brie and saving its people from impending doom.

Welcome to the kingdom of Brie: the tiniest land in the world, ruled by the mouse king Oliver. Hidden deep in the forest foliage, between the blades of grass and mushrooms, there’s a place where tiny people exist alongside the animals. Our little hero Max interrupts the search for his father when he is suddenly called to help his mother save his childhood home. His only hope is to win a prize in a tournament, but it turns out this is just the beginning of an epic adventure. Can he become champion of the kingdom and discover the reason for a deadly drought that endangers everyone? Help Max to unravel mysteries, find clues in hidden objects and solve all the puzzles that stand in his path. Follow this tiny man on a dangerous quest to discover a well-kept secret which, if revealed, could shake the very foundations of the kingdom of Brie.

Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest will be available on Steam, Windows, Mac, iOS, Google Play and Amazon, with a discount as high as 40% depending on the platform.