Artifex Mundi

The sixth installment of the popular The Secret Order series debuts on August 31st. In the latest chapter of her adventures Sarah Pennington ventures deep into the Amazonian jungle to rescue her mother from the clutches of an old enemy – the sinister Dragon Clan.

 Does panaceum – a miraculous medicine capable of curing every illness and even preventing death – really exist or is it just another one of humanity’s pipe dreams? In the sixth part of The Secret Order Sarah Pennington travels to a research facility in the heart of South America, invited by her mother – a microbiologist – and is immediately drawn into a whirlwind of dangerous adventures. Sarah’s mother is kidnapped by an old enemy, the Dragon Clan, who conduct secret experiments in the jungle and will stop at nothing to get the miraculous plant that grants control over life and death. Will Sarah be able to save her mother and discover the mysterious plant?

The game features an intriguing story with various twists, 39 colorful Amazonian locations to explore, 40 intriguing puzzles and scenes with hidden objects, and fascinating laboratory minigames. The title will appear on Android, Windows, Steam, Mac and iOS.

The Secret Order 6: Bloodline will be available at a discount of as much as 40%, depending on the platform.