Artifex Mundi

Test yourself in the upcoming detective adventure game Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt that will arrive on 18 May. Use the help of a psychic to find your way back to the world and solve the case of the serial killer.

The people of Boston are shocked by the recent series of mysterious murders and you are given a task of bringing the culprit to justice as fast as possible. As the police detective Emily Meyer you are facing the task of solving the case of a mysterious “Guilty Man”.
Using police techniques, you will follow the trail of the suspect while solving riddles and collecting fingerprints as well as different samples from crime scenes. When your investigation unexpectedly leads to the place between life and death, you will face the biggest challenge of your life.
Will your detective skills be enough to let you survive in the afterlife? Can you solve the case?

Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt will be available on Steam, Windows, Mac, iOS, Amazon and Google Play with the promotional discount up to 40% off depending on the platform. The launch promotion is time limited.