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Price Change Statement

Dear Fans and Friends of Artifex Mundi

We’ve been receiving your questions about the higher price of Modern Tales and we feel the need to explain why we made this rather difficult decision. Most of you have been with us for over 3 years (and we’re grateful for that!), since we adjusted the prices of our games for the last time. In fact the prices remained pretty much unchanged since we established our studio. Since then, thanks to your continuous support, we’ve been significantly expanding our team and accelerated the process of publishing new titles. For the last 2 years we’ve been working hard to be in position to deliver you a new adventure every 3 weeks (we’ve recently hit 50 in our portfolio!). This intense development comes at an increased cost of each project and the current market situation also demands adequate investments in the process. All this in order to make the games as best as possible. We want and we will design these fantastic worlds for you, hence the rather difficult decision to adjust the prices. We do hope that you will understand and – like 3 years ago – will stay with us and remain the continuous source of inspiration in in our work on these fabulous adventures!