Artifex Mundi
Save Persia from a mysterious curse!

Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders – a new release from Artifex Mundi and SoDigital – invites players on a grand adventure to a faraway land that will begin on June 29, 2017. The latest game for fans of hidden objects features fantastic visuals, a captivating story, original acrobatic minigames, and even sword fighting!

Ominous clouds are gathering over Persia. The good-natured King Badiya is mortally ill and the demonic Grand Vizier Zaved holds his subjects in an iron grip, having brought the country to the edge of ruin. To make matters worse, a shadowy disease has appeared out of nowhere, spreading across the land. The young, talented apothecary Tara decides to find the cause of this plague and prevent it from spreading further. A quest full of puzzles and challenges awaits, one that will lead her to the far reaches of the kingdom and beyond. Luckily for her, she won’t be alone in this endeavor. She will be assisted by the mysterious acrobat and swordsman Darius, as well as the goofy, but kind-hearted genie Minu. Will the three daredevils succeed in finding the source of ancient evil and stop the impending doom?

Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders will feature 41 stylish, hand-painted locations, 19 minigames and hidden object scenes, and 36 achievements.

The game will be released on Steam, Windows, Mac, iOS, Amazon, and Google Play with a promotional discount of up to 40% depending on the platform.