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The second chapter of Slavic Legends to launch on Xbox One!

Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror – the next installment in the Slavic mythology adventure series will be released on August 25th on Xbox One. The latest console title features the famous sorcerer Tvardovsky as well as other fantastic characters and events inspired by local folklore.

 Sorcerer’s Mirror presents  the second chapter of the adventures of Mary, a brilliant botanist from the first game. This time the protagonist needs to free her niece Jenny from the captivity of Tvardovsky the immortal wizard, who abducted the girl during an excursion high in the mountains. Mary will do everything she can to rescue Jenny – she will venture into a dangerous, ancient forest filled and walk along the steep mountain paths and the ruins, meeting imps, phantoms, and other mystical creatures from Eastern and Central European fairy tales. To defeat  the  sorcerer, she’ll have to solve the mystery of the enchanted village and make some very unusual allies, such as the famous 17th-century outlaw Yanosik. Will she unravel the secrets of Master Tvardovsky before it’s too late?

The new Xbox One title includes 19 absorbing mini-games and 18 hidden object scenes for the player to face on their remarkable journey through 30 beautifully hand painted locations filled with wild nature and wonderful creatures. Michael McConnohie, renowned for voicing the characters of other legendary games, narrates the story to complete the experience.

Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror for Xbox One will be available in the United States and Europe for $9.99 and €9.99 respectively.