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World debut of hack’n’slash Bladebound

Bladebound, a mobile action RPG from Artifex Mundi inspired by old-school hack’n’slash games, is available to download worldwide. Grab your sword, join the battle, and reclaim the honor of Bladebound in great style and console quality.

Bladebound is inspired by classic hack’n’slash games. It tells the story of the final member of the Bladebound Order, who has embarked on a seemingly hopeless mission to save the Kingdom of Ezura from the ruthless Betrayer. He will be accompanied on his quest by a mysterious and beautiful Sentinel.

The game combines the best elements of classic action RPGs for PC and console with the freedom of mobile gaming. A spectacular combat system that utilizes many different abilities and spells was designed completely from the ground up to work on small screens. Many veterans of game design in Poland were invited to create the main gameplay mechanics, including people who worked on such worldwide acclaimed titles as Dying Light.

Players take on the role of the last member of the Bladebound, and will have to traverse over 30 varied levels – from the thick and sultry jungle, through scorching deserts, to tight corridors filled with the minions of the Queen of Thorns.

Each level allow you to loot over 500 pieces of armor and weaponry, each filled with the power of one of the five elements. When properly combined and evolved, they will enable you to create a weapon powerful enough to defeat Ezura’s nemesis – the Betrayer himself.

For those who wish to fight against other players, there’s a special Arena Mode in which you can battle for the title of the strongest warrior.

Bladebound was released last year in Poland, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe, and received good reviews. Players praised not only its fluid gameplay and difficulty level, but also its spectacular graphics, which rival those seen on consoles. The game received many rewards, including Best Mobile Game at Pixel Heaven 2016 in Warsaw, as well as the Audience Award at Poznań Game Arena 2016 according to IGN Poland.

The game’s release has been accompanied by a cinematic launch trailer created in cooperation with Hungarian company Puppetworks, which is known for making high-quality trailers and animations. The studio has worked on many projects, including the animated movie Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive, as well as game trailers for The Crew, Extinction, SpellForce 3, Lords Mobile, and Dawnbringer.

Bladebound is available to download worldwide for mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Amazon.