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Artifex Mundi improves sales, doubles net profit


The publicly listed game developer and publisher ended the 3rd quarter of 2020 with a sales increase of 36%, reaching PLN 5.5 million, generating an operating profit of PLN 2.4 (PLN 0.7 million the year before) and a net profit of PLN 2.0 million, (PLN 0.8 million the year before) in said period. Artifex Mundi’s business boosts, among others, the console sales increase and the development of the Unsolved application.

Since the beginning of 2020, Artifex Mundi’s experienced an increase in revenues of 55%, which reached PLN 18.9 million, generating EBIT of PLN 8.3 million (262% increase YoY) and a net profit of PLN 6.8 million (237% increase YoY).

“The regular expansion of the range of games available on consoles, especially Nintendo Switch, combined with the development of Unsolved, a mobile application which allows the commercialization of HOPA games through the free-to-play model, let us end the 3rd quarter with a dynamic increase in revenues. Thanks to the maximization of the profitability of the games available in the portfolio, mainly HOPAs, the return on sales remains at a high level, which translates into satisfying operating and net results. What’s important, in our view, is that the results generated in the 3rd quarter are of a recurring nature. In view of the fact that the last quarter of the year is usually one of the best periods in the entire year, and the development of Unsolved (among others) opens up our business opportunities, we have the potential to end 2020 with a deeply satisfying result,” says Przemysław Błaszczyk, President of Artifex Mundi.

Unsolved is an application that combines some of the company’s HOPA games and offers players the chance to play them for a limited time (based on usable energy, which is slightly renewed every day and can be purchased in the application). The application, which was released at the beginning of the year on selected markets for Android users with 4 HOPA games available, now offers access to more than ten recognizable HOPA titles from Artifex Mundi’s portfolio on Android and iOS devices. The favorable reception of Unsolved by players and the attractive KPIs of the project, with LTV in the forefront, inspired the company to launch its first player acquisition campaigns in the coming weeks.