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Join us in the game!

Games are our passion.

We create and then improve them,
but most of all, we live and breathe them.

We are a developer, co-developer, and global publisher of video games.
We design our products mainly with F2P mobile games in mind.

However, we don’t neglect other platforms – you can play our games on PC and Mac, as well as consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch).

Artifex is constantly changing and evolving – presumably for the better :) We engage in ambitious projects which require effort, skill, and the ability to constantly face new challenges. It’s not always a walk in the park, but when it works out, the satisfaction is immense! I feel that we make a strong team – we help one another, talk to each other, fight side by side, and celebrate our victories together (unless it ends with a draw…). We strive to be great at what we do – the people around me are full of passion and eager to improve, which is made possible by both the company and projects. And if something goes wrong or difficulties arise, we try to discuss them openly in order to discover the issue at hand as quickly as possible and tackle it. It feels good to be here :)

Tomasz Grudziński

Senior Game Designer

If you’re texting your colleagues on your time off because you miss them, you must work at Artifex. AM is full of amazing, passionate, and dedicated people. They’ve achieved a perfect balance between a responsible approach to work, professionalism, spontaneity, and a little bit (or more than a little bit) of madness. It’s great to work with such a team :)

Małgorzata Wójtowicz

Associate Producer

I deeply respect AM for how it treats its staff – it’s an incredibly friendly work environment. And it’s not only about the flexible working hours or various benefits but most of all about trust. I know that my superiors believe in the quality of my work as well as my efforts, and they’re not watching my every step, so I’m able to work freely, and if there’s a crisis, I can count on their understanding. I’ve witnessed the way they treat young parents or people with health issues that prevent them from working for extended periods of time, and I can honestly say that the company has always properly addressed their needs. I also greatly appreciate the fun that I’m having while working at AM – we approach each game with child-like wonder, and I really feel that I’m a part of a team of enthusiasts.

Kamila Wolny

Game Designer

Working at AM provides me with stability, a chance for constant growth, and the possibility to meet amazing, reliable people who let me draw from their experiences. I do my job with great pleasure and never feel bored.

Paweł Wojaczek

UI Artist

AM takes good care of the team in terms of HR. The department’s efforts are noticeable at all times, and I highly appreciate their actions. Everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with immediately addresses any problems. We are eager to share our knowledge and can always count on each other’s help with technical issues. We have great tools for remote cooperation. It’s the first time that I’ve ever used platforms like Miro and SyncSketch, and I’m impressed. They’re intuitive and very useful.

I also appreciate the chance to demonstrate our skills and have a direct influence on how the characters will act in-game. A game’s theme, atmosphere, each and every character being polished to perfection, a team of enthusiasts who co-create a given game – all of this makes it worth the effort. I’m happy to be a part of this project!

Oleh Ridzel

Senior Animator



Teamwork is extremely important to us. We’re glad to be working in an ambitious team of interesting people. If we happen to make a mistake, we simply learn our lesson and don’t give up. Quite the contrary – difficulties tend to motivate us to come up with changes.


We create games that move and excite players. We’re constantly striving to develop our skills and polish every last detail of our products – because that’s what true artists should do. Thanks to our passion and dedication, we manage to create amazing mobile games.


We’ve completely mastered the art of making Hidden Object games, and we’ve reached the global standard in this segment. Right now, we are focusing on F2P mobile games, but our portfolio also includes RPGs. We’re happy to show you another side of ours!


We love teamwork, but each of us works independently and autonomously. Our culture is built on trust, creativity, and communication, without unnecessary distance, red tape, and complicated procedures.


We value good working conditions, so we work as much as we agree upon beforehand. Our team is mostly comprised of seniors, but there’s also a place for those who have just set off on their journey through the world of game development. We appreciate our skills and learn from each other.


We make a tight team, but each of us has different needs.
That’s why we decided to introduce a cafeteria-style benefits plan, which allows every team member to modify their benefits package on their own by choosing from among 7,500 A-brand offers, including private health care and a sports card.

Our benefits package includes:

a share in the profits (bonus plan)
a training fund
a cafeteria plan
the possibility to work from home or at the office in the center of Katowice
financial support for participation in industry events
a benefit fund for every team
team-building events
a free parking spot
a chill-out room with a game library

Recruitment process

Are you wondering what our recruitment process looks like?
Below, you’ll find each and every step.

After you submit your CV, we take a thorough look at it. If we like your application, we’ll get back to you and ask you to meet us.

Time to get to know each other! During a conversation with our recruiter, we will tell you how we create our games, what we value in the workplace, and who we’re currently looking for. We’ll also try to lay out as many details as possible concerning the project, team, and tasks that would be waiting for you. We would also like to find out more about your needs and expectations with regard to work. Of course, during the meeting, you’ll be able to ask about anything you’d like to know about working at AM.

When it comes to artistic positions, a sample task is an inherent part of our recruitment process. We want to reward you for the time you’ve spent completing it, which is why you will be paid.

Our specialists from the project team will thoroughly evaluate your work and prepare feedback for you. If it turns out to be positive, you’ll definitely be asked to meet them.

We promise – it’s the second to last step that will bring you closer to your destination: a position at our company. During the meeting, we’ll ask more questions about you and give you an overview of the project, as well as the specific requirements related to the position. Don’t worry! We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable.

You did great at the meeting, and we would love to have you on our team. That’s why we get back to you with an offer, and after you accept it, we introduce you to the world of Artifex Mundi. It’s finally time for us to make another great game – with your help, that is!


Yes! From submitting your CV, through the recruitment meetings and sample task, to offering you a job – you will go through all of these steps without ever leaving your home.

We’re going to ask you to do a sample task. Its type depends on the position you’ve applied for. Some tasks are quite complex and elaborate. However, do remember that we always pay for completing them!

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to do the whole task, we strongly encourage you to do as much as you can and provide a short explanation – we’ll be more than happy to read it. While you’re working on the task, feel free to contact us and ask about anything that might help you to succeed. Also, please remember that done is better than perfect.

You can find the details of our onboarding process here.

Remote work is a staple of our work culture. However, we realize that everyone sometimes misses the office, which is why at AM, we make hybrid work possible – it’s you who decides where you work from!

A B2B contract is an agreement between two companies. Most of the time, one of them is a self-employed individual, while the other is a larger company that commissions them to provide certain services.

So, self-employment means operating a business in your own name with additional “responsibilities,” such as issuing invoices, paying social security contributions and bookkeeping. However, all of these things can be done by professional accounting agencies.

B2B contracts are widely used in the world of IT because this form of employment offers numerous benefits for the self-employed person. At our company, we treat all of our colleagues as partners, providing them with equal access to additional benefits available in the cafeteria plan and guaranteeing a flexible approach to the hours and days needed to perform a task without the risk of pay reduction. Everyone has the chance to make use of the unlimited training fund and earn additional money thanks to our bonus plan.