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Artifex Mundi still on a record-breaking streak


The publicly listed game developer and publisher ended May with revenues of PLN 6.5 million. That’s 92% more than in May 2022 and 3% more than Artifex Mundi’s revenues in April. The company’s record-breaking results were achieved thanks to the dynamic growth of the Unsolved application, whose revenues from commercialization increased by 237% YoY and 6% MoM, reaching PLN 5.6 million.

In May, the revenues from the free-to-play segment increased by 188% YoY, reaching PLN 5.7 million. The segment’s player acquisition costs for that period amounted to nearly PLN 3.2 million, compared to PLN 1.3 million in May 2022.

The company’s driving force, which generated 85% of its revenues in the last month, is the Unsolved game, which provides players with free-to-play access to some of the best HOPA games available in the Artifex Mundi’s portfolio. The implementation of the application’s development plan translates into the improvement of Unsolved’s KPIs. By combining it with the expansion of the range of games available in Unsolved, despite the growing costs of online advertisements, the company was able to keep a high level of investment in the userbase growth while maintaining consistent expected returns.

“We are pleased with the changes that have been introduced to Unsolved since the beginning of the year, resulting in a significant improvement in monetization, which gradually manifests itself in our monthly results. At the same time, we know what to do in future quarters in order to unlock Unsolved’s potential even further. The changes in the game make the statistical player stay with us longer, and by refining our UA tools and strategies, we attract new users to Unsolved even more efficiently. We are still focused on the long-term development of Unsolved while maintaining the project’s earning capacity. We hope that in the coming holiday months, thanks to the changes made to Unsolved, we will be able to significantly reduce the seasonally slower pace of acquiring new players that we witnessed in the previous years,” says Przemysław Błaszczyk, President of the publicly listed company.