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Unsolved available on Apple Store


Artifex Mundi has decided to provide iOS users with its application that offers free access to bestselling HOPA games available in the company’s portfolio. Unsolved, which has been developed since the beginning of the year, is gradually gaining popularity. In view of the Management Board of the publicly listed company, Unsolved has the potential to become the pillar of the Group’s business operations and to rapidly increase sales in this area.

Unsolved is an application that combines some of the company’s HOPA games and offers players the chance to play them for a limited time (based on usable energy, which is slightly renewed every day and can be purchased in the application). The application, which was released at the beginning of the year on selected markets for Android users with 4 HOPA games available, now offers access to 14 recognizable HOPA titles from the Artifex Mundi’s portfolio. The favorable reception of Unsolved by players and the attractive KPIs of the project, with LTV in the forefront, inspired the company to release an iOS version of the game and prepare more comprehensive promotional campaigns.

Unsolved has the potential to become the pillar of Artifex Mundi’s business operations for years to come. Even today, Unsolved boasts the highest LTV value of all free-to-play projects that we have ever carried out, and the average revenue per player has the chance to grow further while the application is being upgraded with new features and games. It provides us with solid grounds for investments in player acquisition. With a considerable expansion of Unsolved’s active user group, the application might become a new important channel for the commercialization of HOPA games, which not only does not have a negative impact on the commercialization of premium games but also, potentially, thanks to the reinforcement of the recognizability of the Artifex Mundi brand and the company’s individual IPs, may stimulate the growth of premium sales,” says Tomasz Grudziński, President of Artifex Mundi.

“The success of Unsolved might change our plans for the HOPA game business. At the moment, our HOPA portfolio includes over 80 titles with a long lifespan, whose timeless graphics and engaging gameplay, among others, can attract new users even many years after their release. Today, by reducing spending on new HOPA titles, we are able, at the very least, to keep the segment’s revenues at a stable, satisfying level, which lets us generate a substantial profit. The development of Unsolved and consistent increase of average revenues from the game, in the long run, might provide a business justification for higher investments in the addition of new titles to the HOPA range,” thinks Tomasz Grudziński.