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Unsolved reaches higher level


In January of the current year, Artifex Mundi increased its revenues, according to preliminary estimates, by 22% YoY, reaching a record-breaking amount of PLN 4.6 million. In comparison with December 2022, the publicly listed game developer and publisher’s revenues increased by 50%. The reason for the dynamic increase in Artifex Mundi’s revenues is the Unsolved free-to-play application, whose revenues from commercialization increased by almost 70% YoY in the previous month, reaching PLN 3.3 million.

In January, the revenues from the entire free-to-play segment increased by 44% YoY, reaching PLN 3.5 million and compensating for the lower sales of premium games, including HOPA (revenues of PLN 1.1 million, compared to PLN 1.3 million in January 2022). Last month, the user acquisition costs for the Unsolved application, which provides players with free-to-play access to some of the best HOPA games available in the Group’s portfolio, were equal to PLN 2.2 million, compared to PLN 1.5 million the year before.

“The Unsolved application’s KPIs, which were being regularly improved over the past year, allowed us to use the favorable market conditions in January to significantly increase the investments in the app’s popularization. We achieved this result without compromising on the expected return rates from the acquired user cohorts. We continue the implementation of Unsolved’s development plan, which in the coming months will gradually translate into a further improvement of the app’s scale and profitability,” says Przemysław Błaszczyk, President of the publicly listed company.